Dear Mr. Kidd

Today at the MoCCA fest I approached the table where you and Mr. David Heatley (awesome cartoonist) were seated, only to try and get a sample of your new Bat-Manga book.

I chatted with Mr. Heatley briefly (mentioned that yes I too live in the same neighborhood as he,) & then grabbed that copy of the previously mentioned sample. After said an awkward good-bye, I high tailed it for the Picture Box tables, suddenly realizing I totally neglected to even look at you or give you a polite hello.

THE Chip Kidd is sitting before me, no fan boys or girls around! No graphic design geeks looking to implore you with tales of design and client disaster stories. No one at all. I could have mentioned that I really liked The Cheese Monkeys, that my old neighbor Marion from Brooklyn was your pal and how she mentioned you almost every time we spoke. I could have brought up that I was happy with The Complete Wonder Woman book you created, not to mention bringing comics into the design culture. I even listened to you talk with Debbie Millman on her fab pod cast. I guess I just don’t know what to say when confronted with a person that admire, so I said nothing because of nerves, fear, hell I don’t know why I didn’t say anything.

So maybe the next time you Google your own name, Chip Kidd, did I mention that I saw you Chip Kidd? Oh wait, Mr. Chip Kidd, yes (lost the train of thought there sorry)you will read my apology and the next time someone seems to blow you off, you will know they probably think you are super groovy and just can’t imagine themselves approaching you. (though you seem very approachable in a friendly nice way.)