Art Director's Club Illustration Portfolio Event

I participated in the ADC Illustration Portfolio review last week, and met some great designers and art directors as well as fellow illustrators and artists.

I shared a table with the fabulous Andy Swist, who like me is a big comic book fan. He does amazing cool work! He created excellent Scissor Sisters illo for a postcard giveaway that was so sweet. He also has another site called Foxy Andy that features his drawings of some sexy, studly dudes.

Another illustrator that I met was Benjamin Marra. I loved his work, and art style. He had an amazing sketchbook on his table instead of the normal vinyl page portfolio. I keep a sketch book, but not like his! Actually his work is inspiring me to do more finished work in my sketch book. I just can’t get over how amazing his work is.

I featured a Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl (the pic. above) postcard as a giveaway. Let me know if anyone out there wants one and I’ll send it your way!