what to do.

I have always had a profound need (really a thought and not a need at all) to be doing something different than whatever it is I’m doing right now.

I’ve been experimenting lately using marker and ink to finish my work instead of the computer. I’ve discovered that I’m really not sure what I’m doing. My “finished” pieces look too much like sketches, and so I’m not sure what to do next. Part of me thinks I should take a class to learn how to properly ink my pencils, then part of me just wants to experiment and try it on my own. I suppose the second choice is the immediate option.

I’m not sure what this post is about. Maybe I just need to write about this and clear my head. I’m not really interested in graphic design as a practice, and I still find that I have a desire to create something. Sitting around watching T.V. really isn’t what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. And right now I have a day job that I need to have some type of income.

I just need to embrace the changes that are happening and learn to love the errors and awkwardness of trying something new.