WSC #2—No time like the present.

I often make myself miserable looking at others work and success. Because they are SO GOOD and they’ve done so much with their careers and I feel like I’m now where near close to where they are. But tts too easy to compare yourself to others and feel in adequate in your own life.

Consider this blog entry I’m writing right now. I keep thinking oh I NEED to write something to be a good blogger like all those good bloggers out there, I need to post something, but what do I write about? Naturally the very thing that is causing me distress seems to be the logical choice!

So this isn’t really a WiSC(Woulda Coulda Shoulda) issue, but maybe if we just DO the thing and don’t think about it we can avoid the WiSC. I think it must be working because I do feel like I got something major out of my system! Now I can fall asleep tonight knowing I’ve made my little contribution to the world today.