Dream 6_14_09

I was working in the graphics department of NBC News. Ann Curry comes in my office and had several printed pages that have all be trimmed out in weird shapes. “She says is this printer working? How do I print on the back of iron-on transfer paper?” I told her,” You can’t print on the back of that paper, it will show the other side when you iron it on. Plus these are all cut out in weird ways, so you can send that through the printer, it will jam up.”

She looked very dejected. Then she tells me how she hired two designers to this project, and the guy did things one way while the female designer did things another way. She show me all these cards. There be were lke 50 or so cards, and they looked like they were for some kind of Halloween party. The guy designed them, wrote all these clever sayings and illustrated art for each one. Then she shows me the invoice: $1375.00

“They charged me way too much. I mean look at these I can’t really use them.”

“Um Ms. Curry, I’m sorry but I think that price is very fair for the amount work you had them do. These cards are great, and the sayings that they came up with are really original.”

“Okay I guess I’ll have to live withe them”

She turns away with a tear in her eye.

“Ann what’s wrong? Was I to harsh?”

“You were a little mean, like before. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Look I did want to be mean, I was just trying to tell you what is right.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later”

Then I proceed to text Rich, telling him this was the day I made Ann Curry cry.