WSJ Editorial Illustration—Watch Out for ATM Skimming

A recent editorial spot for the Wall Street Journal accompanied an article dealing with ATMs at convenience stores and gas stations that aren’t as they appear.

I had a few ideas and among them was the chosen idea that the ATM is going incognito by wearing a Groucho Marx type of disguise. This was a case where I would have been happy with any of sketches as I felt each one approached the concept from a different direction. Which one is your favorite?

Sketch 1: The idea was to have the ATM appear as an old west bank robber so it unsuspecting vicitm wouldn't know an ATM was doing the deed.
Sketch 2: This sketch was the one that I though might be chosen and was maybe the most literal, with the ATM actually pick-pocketing the unwitting customer .
Sketch 3: his was the winning sketch, and I was pretty happy about that since I think will definitely grab the readers attention.