Robot of the Week: Walkbot!

When I heard the news that the Sony walkman’s days are numbered in Japan I thought back about the various Walkmen I owned in the 80’s The Walkman was the essential thing I needed to block out the sound of my parents/the radio while on a road trip to grandma’s house. I always loved listening to all kinds of music in my room, but the Walkman made it a more personal experience like the Bangles were having a concert just for me where ever I wanted them to be.

I upgraded to the Discman later and eventually leaving Sony for the compact Apple iPod and and then the iPhone. My 17 year old self would have been amazed that he could carry hundreds of albums in a plastic and glass box the size of a deck of cards. But, there really was something exciting about popping in a cassette tape that I just bought from Camelot or Tape World and listening to that new music right away.

So the Robot of this week is a dedication to that amazing device.