Carb-Bot is the Robot of the Week

Carb-bot is the Robot of the Week!

This weeks robot is another Robot of the Week fanbot request! Suggested by my Ball State classmate designer Jon Cooper the Carb-bot can’t stop vaccuming up those carbs! Please comment with what robot you would be!


HEY FANBOTS Tell me about your  ROBOT OF THE WEEK!

If you been following my blog for the past year or so, you are now familiar with the Robot of the Week. All the wacky, funny and sometimes silly robots I’ve been doodling. From time to time,  I’ve gotten comments with some robot ideas and suggestions for robot characters and now I want to her more from you! What kind of robot would you be? Your robot could be based on your personality or maybe an activity that would be easier if you were robot.

Tell me by commenting on this post or tweet me at @timgoldman or join my facebook fan page and message me who you would be if you were a robot!



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