PS3 how do I love thee? Let me count 5 ways!

The PlayStation 3 has to be my favorite goto home entertainment device. Its versatile and (until PS4 comes out) somewhat future proof.  So I’ve enjoyed it with gaming, movies and more. Here’s my top 5 favorite things about the PS3.

5: BluRay

Yeah I know BluRay is kind of old tech at this point, but it was one of the main features that I wanted when I bought the PS3 originally. The resolution on BluRay discs are true 1080p, and those movies still look way more beautiful than any streaming or downloaded HD video.


Playstation Network (now rolled into the Sony Entertainment network) has gone through many challenges, notably last year when Sony was hacked and PSN was down for several weeks. BTW I couldn’t have been happier with how they made it up to their loyal customers, offering free games and PS Plus subscriptions. Now the PSN is robust, and so easy to download games, watch movies or tv shows, and get excellent DLC (Downloadable Content) for disc based games. I look every week to see what new offerings are up on the network.

3: PlayStation Plus

This is Sony’s loyalty membership where you pay an annual fee of $50 a year. And for that measly $50,  you get access to SO much content! Like what you ask? Like free games! I picked up Stacking, and Plants Vs. Zombies which are both hours of fun. You can also get 1 hour game trials of full on disc based games, like Saints Row the Third, Infamous or Borderlands. I like this option because I can get a chance to play the first hour to see if its worth shelling out the cash for the full game. The membership also includes 150MB of cloud based storage, which is great for game saves and discount pricing on tons of games. And now Sony just announced PSN Ultimate Editions where you get games with all their DLC for 30% off, bu if you are a PS Plus subscriber that becomes 50% off! If you’ve been on the fence about PS Plus, I say go for it if you are a heavy PS3 user and make a lot of purchases.  The subscription fee will pay itself back in no time.


2: Great PS exclusive games

Since I’ve been a long time PS3 user, I’ve delved into many PS3 exclusive titles, which all have been some of the most exciting game playing I’ve encountered. Games like God of War, InFamous, Fat Princess, and Little Big Planet are all adventurous, inventive and hours of fun. I became totally addicted to God of War III from the heart-racing action, to the stunning graphics to the epic cinematography it’s probably one of my favorite games of all time. And just announced a few weeks ago, all these PS exclusive characters are coming together in a mighty fighting mash-up called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! It will be a blast to match up InFamous’ Cole against Little Big Planet’s Sack Boy in an epic awesome battle.


1: Streaming Video Access, NetFlix/Amazon Video and more

Streaming movies is now obviously the best way to check out the latest releases to video. This is my number one because this feature is used by all the members of my household. When my niece comes for a visit, I can just get on Netflix and have a Dora the Explorer up and running in seconds. The Netflix connection on my PS3 is always stable and steady thanks to the excellent built in WiFi. I’ve had problems with it dropping on other devices like TiVo or Apple TV. And now Amazon Video on Demand has FINALLY come to PS3! I was super excited for this because I can rent movies and tv shows for a little less than it would be through my cable provider. Also because I have and Amazon Prime membership I get access to tons of free content! Hulu is also available on PS3 as well as Vudu. If PS3 only had access to Apple’s iTunes it would be my ULTIMATE entertainment console.

So there you have it. I think my only complaint about my PS3 is that I wish my 60 GB HD was bigger! Actually it’s supposed to be easy to swap out the old HD for a new larger one, but I’m not sure I’m up to the task. I think I can hold of a bit since pretty soon the PS4 will be rolling out and I am looking forward to what is in store.