The GoddessBot has Arrived



Hey all! Its been a busy few weeks, but I finally have a new Robot of the Week. This is a Bot by request that came from my super talented photo-illustrator pal Melody Cassen. Melody creates beautiful images that have graced many book covers. She features females in her work quite a bit so this is my robotic homage to her work.

Melody also has a new line of products hailing under the name Melody V. These are some super cool items, so check out her store. They make great Valentine’s Day gifts!

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The Lucha League!

I’ve always thought the wresting masks and costumes of lucha libre were so cool. While I was in Mexico recently I saw tons of these masks for sale at the various tourist souvenir shops, but none that I really liked. Of course there were some superhero ones like Spider-man and Batman but I didn’t think they had much style. So I got the inspiration to design my own pop culture based mask icons. I would have loved to see a Wonder Woman lucha mask, so that was my first idea, and I drew Batman and Superman to join her. Just playing around with these so maybe I’ll do some more sometime. Enjoy!

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Linen, it’s not just for Summer anymore!

Here’s the latest illo I did for last week’s Wall Street Journal’s “Ask Teri” column. The reader’s question for Teri was whether Spring is too early to wear Linen or not. Since Teri’s advice was that Linen was fine to wear in almost any season, I instantly thought of that old Orange juice ad, “it’s not just for breakfast anymore” All those old ad slogans are just stuck in my sub conscience just waiting to come out!