Robots were meant to fly, Robot of the Week.

This weeks robot is a Celebribot, the Nickibot. Based on the singer/artist Nicki Minaj who is on heavy rotation during my workouts. Her robot style was inspired by Silvar from the Space Giants, a live action Japanese show from the late 60’s about a family of robots.

Robot of the Week, Nickibot

The Lucha League!

I’ve always thought the wresting masks and costumes of lucha libre were so cool. While I was in Mexico recently I saw tons of these masks for sale at the various tourist souvenir shops, but none that I really liked. Of course there were some superhero ones like Spider-man and Batman but I didn’t think they had much style. So I got the inspiration to design my own pop culture based mask icons. I would have loved to see a Wonder Woman lucha mask, so that was my first idea, and I drew Batman and Superman to join her. Just playing around with these so maybe I’ll do some more sometime. Enjoy!

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Robot of the Week: The CoCoBot!

CoCo/Conan O’Brien debuts his new TBS show this week. So this week’s robot is dedicated to CoCo and all his supporters. His sidekick, Andy Richter is back along with the Tonight Show Basic Cable Band.

Perhaps the CoCoBot can become a new character on Conan, he might need a stand in from time to time if he got sick or needed a vacation. CoCobot is upgradable and programmable with the latest in jokes on current events. Go Team CoCoBot!