Queensbot is back and full of PRIDE!

LGBT Pride is this Sunday in my home NYC borough of Queens, so thought I’d bring back the ol’ Queensbot and give her a pride makeover. The parade is a blast and I am so lucky that it marches right through my neighborhood!



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Moustachebot is the Robot of the Week!


Moustachebot is the Robot of the Week!Last week, I asked on my facebook fan page if you were a robot what kind of robot would you be? My pal Jorge De La Garza (follow him on twitter @bigbadjorge). responded with the mighty MOUSTACHEBOT! This Moustachebot is a snappy dresser, a dandy dan sporting the latest in steampunk hotness. Thanks for the awesome robot inspiration Jorge!


The next ROBOT OF THE WEEK, could be YOU!

If you been following my blog for the past year or so, you are now familiar with the Robot of the Week. All the wacky, funny and sometimes silly robots I’ve been doodling. From time to time,  I’ve gotten comments with some robot ideas and suggestions for robot characters and now I want to her more from you! What kind of robot would you be? Your robot could be based on your personality or maybe an activity that would be easier if you were robot.

Tell me by commenting on this post or tweet me at @timgoldman or join my facebook fan page and message me who you would be if you were a robot!

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