Bot Off the Press!

Videobot T-Shirt detail

Ready to show your Robot Pride? I’ve been working on a new Robot centric shop on Zazzle called Bot Off the Press. So if you’ve seen some Robots of the Week and thought, “hmm I really like that on a T-shirt” you wish has been granted! I’ll be adding more robots to the collection overtime, though I would be happy to add products or designs on request so just let me know.

Videobot T-ShirtAngelbot T-Shirt

Robot designs at!

Moustachebot iphone4 Skin by Tim Goldman

Hello fans and friends!

I’ve been taking a bit of a summer break from the Robot of the Week, but I do have some new robot products to show.  I am happy to announce my skins licensing partner Decalgirl has added a few robot designs to my collection!

Moustachebot iphone4 Skin by Tim GoldmanWe have 3 robots currently available, the Skullbot, Flowerbot and Moustachebot and I hope to have more up there very soon. You can get a skin for almost any device you can think of so please check them out!

Pancake PowerBot is on Patrol!

It seems we are on a breakfast themed robot kick! I LOVE some flapjacks in the morning, preferably the whole wheat/grain variety. What could be better than a pancake powered robot! The Pancake Power bot patrols the breakfast table with his batter gun, ready to stop anyone who gets in his way.


Pancake PowerBot


Queensbot is back and full of PRIDE!

LGBT Pride is this Sunday in my home NYC borough of Queens, so thought I’d bring back the ol’ Queensbot and give her a pride makeover. The parade is a blast and I am so lucky that it marches right through my neighborhood!



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