The Great Mazinga! the Great Robot of the Week

Lots of work going on this week so no time to finish a new robot. But have no fear, I dug deep into my archives for a robot vector drawing that I haven’t featured yet on my blog! This is the Great Mazinga of the Shogun Warriors. These guys were pretty big in the 70’s and I had a few Great Mazinga toys and comics when I was a kid. Back then I was pretty obsessed with the Darth Vader mask, so it’s not a surprise that Great Mazinga was my favorite Shogun Warrior robot.

Robot of the Week: Great Mazinga!

New York Comic-Con keeps getting bigger and better every year!

Last weekend I spent 3 and a half days at New York Comic-con, and I’m still recovering! Too much too see, too many crowds (especially on Saturday) and I just CANNOT stay away. I am a fanboy at my core, can’t seem to shake it even into my 40’s.

I didn’t attend as many panels as last year’s con. They weren’t as interesting as last years line up, but the ones I did attend were very cool and very informative on a variety of subjects. Also I found the lines to presentations that were held in the IGN theater such as the Batman Arkham City panel were so long and out of control there really was no point in even attempting to go. I really would have like to have been in on the Walking Dead panel, but I didn’t want to have to line up hours in advance to get a seat. I hope the organizers get this figured out a little better for next year.

My favorite Panel on Friday was the Food and Comics panel which included superstar chef Wylie Dufresne and Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello. I never really thought of the two together, but it makes sense as both comics and food culture have become so mainstream. High end food which was thought of something for only rich people and comics thought of as low brow now appeal to all of us on some level.

On Saturday, I attended the panel called “Inside Jokes”.  Again another merging of two different entertainment streams, comics and comedy. The panel featured Jessi Klein (writer of  the “Brownie Husband” ad on SNL among many other projects), Gabe Liebman, Elliott Kalan, Susie Felber, Stephen Wacker and Kevin Maher. Their stories of growing up geeky and later using those experiences in their comedy and writing were funny and inspiring to me anyway. A stand out tale from the panel was Stephen Wacker’s story about writing and performing a play that made fun of Marvel characters which led to him becoming an editor at Marvel!

Sunday’s favorite was the Wired Geekmom/Geekdad panel on raising kids in their own geeky image. I’m a little biased since my pal Amy Kraft of and was on the panel. She did an excellent rundown of some graphic novels for kids. One she suggested, “Nursery Rhyme Comics” published by First Second  is an anthology of classic fairly tales all done by different artists. I highly recommend picking up this book if you are a fan of fairly tales or have a little one at home. The conversation also went into the controversy over the depiction of women (Starfire and others) in the new 52 books published by DC Comics. I was happy to hear a positive shout out for Batwoman and Batgirl, but no mention of Wonder Woman. I really would have liked to hear the Mom’s take on the character. Too much is focused on what Diana wears and how she does her hair instead of heroic nature overall character. I was so ready to jump into the conversation, maybe I can convince Wired to add a GeekUncle to their line up for next year!

All in all this show is becoming bigger and better every year. From what I heard at NYCC, many artists preferred the New York con over San Diego Comic-Con which has more to do with tv and movies than the actual comics. I hope that New York Comic-Con keeps true to it’s comic book roots and remains a convention for the fans. We can have the tv and movie stuff too, but the focus should always remain on comics and graphic novels.

Can’t wait for New York Comic-Con 2012!



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