Bot Off the Press!

Videobot T-Shirt detail

Ready to show your Robot Pride? I’ve been working on a new Robot centric shop on Zazzle called Bot Off the Press. So if you’ve seen some Robots of the Week and thought, “hmm I really like that on a T-shirt” you wish has been granted! I’ll be adding more robots to the collection overtime, though I would be happy to add products or designs on request so just let me know.

Videobot T-ShirtAngelbot T-Shirt

The Great Mazinga! the Great Robot of the Week

Lots of work going on this week so no time to finish a new robot. But have no fear, I dug deep into my archives for a robot vector drawing that I haven’t featured yet on my blog! This is the Great Mazinga of the Shogun Warriors. These guys were pretty big in the 70’s and I had a few Great Mazinga toys and comics when I was a kid. Back then I was pretty obsessed with the Darth Vader mask, so it’s not a surprise that Great Mazinga was my favorite Shogun Warrior robot.

Robot of the Week: Great Mazinga!

Robot of the Week: Rosie the Robot!

Robot of the Week: Rosie the Robot!

Another famous robot this week, Rosie the robot maid from the The Jetsons. I think the Jetsons had a pretty huge influence on my art and illustrations. It was always one of my favorite cartoons, and looking back at it, I love all the space age 60’s style they used.