Top 5 iPhone5/iOS upgrade wishlist!

The annual Apple World Wide Development Conference(WWDC) is right around the corner! Soon Apple may reveal next iOS update, iOS6 and possibly a preview of iPhone 5. I love my iPhone 4, but I am planning to upgrade once the new model comes out this year. I do have some things I hope to see either on the hardware or OS. Here are the top 5 items on my iPhone5/iOS6 wishlist.

5. 4G/LTE–This wish is almost CERTAIN to come true once iPhone 5 is released. Only because the feature was introduced in the new iPad that came out just a couple of months ago. I am ready for some blazing fast speeds when I am away from a wifi connection.

4. Facetime any time.–Currently Facetime is only available when iPhone is on a wifi connection. It would be so great to be able to connect whenever , wherever I am. Also I have a feeling Facetime and Messages will merge on the desktop so we can take calls right on the computer.

3. Shared Data Plan–I suppose this has more to do with the iPhone carriers, but it would be great to share a data plan with as many devices as you want. I’ve been dreaming of an iPad with the 4g  but the thought of shelling out an extra $30 a month for data isn’t so great especially for how infrequently I travel. But for the times I do, it would be great to have the capability to access the network without starting up a monthly plan only to cancel it once my travel is done.

2. Larger screen size–The rumors have been flying that the next generation of iPhone will most undoubted have a 4″ tall screen vs. the 3.5″ screen we currently have. I think bumping it up that extra .5 of an inch will be just the right size to make iPhone an even better experience. There are times I find myself wishing that screen was just a tad larger so it would be great to see that happen.

1. Update the look and functionality of iOS-While I love the functionality of my iPhone, the current design of the actual interface could use some refreshing! At this point the iOS icons with the rounded corners are beginning to look a bit dated. I know you can purchase third party themes to use with iPhone and iPad, but I really think Apple could stand to refresh the overall iOS look. Also PLEASE make the home screen(s) work horizontally and vertically! I hate when I’m reading email horizontally only to click the home button and have to turn the phone back to vertical. I’m sure it will be tricky, but I have faith in the Apple design team.

Whatever Apple will introduces in the coming months will surprise, delight and even be a let down in some cases. Until then let the speculation rage on!


Robot of the Week: JobsBot

Robot of the week: Jobsbot

Robot version of Jobsbot

People worldwide have expressed their sorrow over the passing of Steve Jobs, and this week’s robot adds my voice to the masses. Without Apple computers I don’t know if my career would be the same as it is today. Apple products have inspired me and countless others to build, create, and design any type creative expression. Anytime I would tell people that I was a designer or an illustrator they always say, “oh so you must use a Mac.” Apple is synonymous with creativity, and this of course is due to the vision that Steve Jobs has had for this company.

Many Steve Jobs quotes have come out in the past few days, notably from his 2005 Stanford commencement speech. My favorite and one I intend to remember is, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

We all have lost someone who gave us so much.

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Apple IPad uses for illustrators

Since the announcement of the IPad, I found myself wondering how I might use the IPad beyond simply using it as an ebook reader or giant IPod Touch.

I could see IPad making a really cool digital portfolio or even a slide show to use at trade shows. Also it would be a cool way to trade tear sheets with art directors using an app like Mover.

Hopefully there will be a sketch up app or some other robust drawing app (better than the current offerings for IPhone) that we could do quick sketches on or scribble down an idea. I like the idea of using it to save those thoughts that seems to melt away as quickly as the appear.

What other ways could IPad be useful for illustrators and graphic artists? Let me know, and maybe we’ll all convince each other we want need one of these gadgets!