Happy Holiday Illustrations circa 1984

I’ve been a little nostalgic lately since I’m approaching a milestone birthday this year. Today I started thinking about the covers I drew for my Jr. High newspaper. Lucky for me, my sister had made me a scrapbook long ago of memorabilia, and the covers were all there!

Looking at the covers, I realized these are my first cover illustration assignments ever! If I remember correctly we would be given a theme (like a holiday) and we had to incorporate the them with the ‘Peanuts‘ characters in a scene. We had no concept of copyright law at the time, but I guess since our little paper wasn’t quite mass market it didn’t matter that much.  I can see some of the early DNA of my art and drawing style in these, and I actually remember drawing them in the first place.

Here are two holiday themed examples since it seemed appropriate to the current season.

Thanksgiving Cover

I love the details of the brick (just a few grout lines here and there) and the titles on the spine of the books in this one. I think I must have liked drawing Lucy’s hair as well, the shape is very bold.

In the panel, Charlie Brown is saying, “You know you are in the Computer age when at Thanksgiving someone is thankful for their Atari 400!” I assume since my birthday has always been near Thanksgiving, this was more or less my way of saying “I want to be thankful for an Atari 400 so please give me one for my birthday.” Alas I never got a computer when I was in Jr. High or High School for that matter. Which was probably for the best as I would have been bored with it in about 5 minutes after getting one.

Holiday Cover

I think this one was definitely one of my favorite covers I did for the Viewpoint. I like my little type treatment of the name of the newspaper, and the fat lettering in the greeting. I guess I always loved to draw letterforms, and I still do now.

I tried to fill up the sky with a combination of snow and music notes, I guess I liked pattern and had the need to “fill the page”.

I think the funniest part is the little Woodstock hanging on to the end of the banner getting a free ride from Santa Snoopy. This was the year I also made a 3D Santa Snoopy out of 2 styrofoam cups, cotton balls and construction paper. My parents still have this ornament.

I’ll have to see what other “early work”  I can dig up.

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