The Sci-Heroes Need You!

Sci-Heroes Save the Day! is the first in a series of apps that teach science with science fiction that I am developing with my pal Amy Kraft. Amy is a producer and writer of educational books and products as well as a kids media blogger at her blog and contributor to Wired’s  We’ve been tossing around app ideas for a while when Amy had this an amazing idea to use sci-fi to help kids learn scientific concepts and principals. I got to work designing and illustrating the characters, giving them personalities that will interest players to follow the heroes as they use science to stop the forces of evil.

Here’s where we need your help! We have entered our app in the Cooney Center’s National STEM Video Game Challenge to help us get the funding we need to get our game completed. Please take a look at our entry and cast your vote by clicking the “Applaud This” button.  We also have a playable demo of Sci-Heroes available online, where you can play around in the lab to stop the evil Dr. Spectacular with the correct chemical combination!

With your help, students can save the day with the Sci-Heroes!