Pancake PowerBot is on Patrol!

It seems we are on a breakfast themed robot kick! I LOVE some flapjacks in the morning, preferably the whole wheat/grain variety. What could be better than a pancake powered robot! The Pancake Power bot patrols the breakfast table with his batter gun, ready to stop anyone who gets in his way.


Pancake PowerBot


Toastbot pops up this week!

Hello robot fans! I’ve been on and off with robots since summer has started. I’ll keep working to bring new robots that I hope you will find entertaining and cool. The toastbot is a companion to last weeks Coffeebot, all ready to help everyone have a good morning and a good piece of toast!


Drinking Fanta with the Fantastibot!

Drinking Fanta with the Fantastibot!

Drinking Fanta with The Fantastibot!The Fantastibot just kinda came out of nowhere while I was doodling this week. Naturally I had to have him drinking some lovely Fanta soda which was always readily available in the breakroom at my parents’ hardware store break room the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Orange was my favorite Fanta flavor as I was obsessed with all things orange flavored as a kid.

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