Robot of the Week: Go Go Go Bot

September 3, 2012
Go Go Go Bot

Check out the latest robot Go Go Go-Bot. Getting back to a more graphic approach and including some typographic elements.

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Bot Off the Press!

July 20, 2012
Videobot T-Shirt detail

Ready to show your Robot Pride? I’ve been working on a new Robot centric shop on Zazzle called Bot Off the Press. So if you’ve seen some Robots of the Week and thought, “hmm I really like that on a T-shirt” you wish has been granted! I’ll be adding more robots to the collection overtime, [...]

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Robot designs at!

July 20, 2012
Moustachebot iphone4 Skin by Tim Goldman

Hello fans and friends! I’ve been taking a bit of a summer break from the Robot of the Week, but I do have some new robot products to show.  I am happy to announce my skins licensing partner Decalgirl has added a few robot designs to my collection! We have 3 robots currently available, the [...]

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Pancake PowerBot is on Patrol!

July 6, 2012
Pancake PowerBot

It seems we are on a breakfast themed robot kick! I LOVE some flapjacks in the morning, preferably the whole wheat/grain variety. What could be better than a pancake powered robot! The Pancake Power bot patrols the breakfast table with his batter gun, ready to stop anyone who gets in his way.    

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