My Top 12 LinkedIn Tips

top 12 Linkedin tips

top 12 Linkedin tipsEarlier this week I did a presentation about LinkedIn for the New York Digital Art Meetup Group which is part of the New York chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild. Below is the list of 12 tips I compiled for the presentation. I use most of these myself and hope they help you to take more advantage of the awesome networking power of Linkedin.

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12 LinkedIn Tips

1. Keep adding connections
Think 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. The more connections you have the higher the visibility your profile will get when people do a search. The more connections you have the more likely you will be 2 or 3 steps away from an art director or art buyer who needs to see your work.

2. Complete your entire profile, to improve your connectability
Add as much information about your past education, employers, clients, affiliations, awards and about anything you can think of so that LinkedIn will suggest those connections to you. LinkedIn is like a living resume that you can change constantly. In fact employers are beginning allow you to connect your LinkedIn profile when applying for a job.

3. Create a Custom URL to improve Google Search
In your profile you have the option to customize your URL with your own name which makes your profile more visible on Google searches.

4. Always include a photo (or illustration) of you smiling
Give your profile a human face which makes you more approachable and helps to “brand” your profile. Use same photo or avatar on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so you will have that instant recognition between all the networks.

5. Customize your Connection Requests
Don’t just use the default “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Customize with a personal note, keep it short and brief but its a great way to add a connection who will actually take time to look at your profile

6. Connect to your email address book contacts who are also on LinkedIn
Search your email contacts or import your desktop email to see who you already know but haven’t yet connected with on LinkedIn. Go to Contacts>Add Connections and either connect to your email account or click the link below to import your desktop email contacts.

7. Add the Twitter LinkedIn Application
Your LinkedIn contacts can follow your Twitter feed without their having to be on Twitter.

8. Link your blog to your Profile
An excerpt of your blog posts links right back to your blog. It’s another way to get your blog and information about who you are on linked in.

9. Get and give Recommendations
Ask previous clients and/employers to give you a recommendation to display on your profile. Also offer to give them one in exchange so you both benefit from the credibility recommendations bring your profile.

10. Use LinkedIn Answers
This is an area of LinkedIn that people love and can allow you to learn more about potential clients/employers, get valuable information from your contact and more.

Here are some benefits and reasons to use LinkedIn Answers.
• Questions go out to the entire LinkedIn community.
• Answer questions and connect with potential new contacts or reconnect with past colleagues.
• Answer enough questions well & become an “expert” and you might get featured on the LinkedIn home page. You get “credits” every time your answer is chosen as a “best answer.
• Use the answers you give to topics and create a blog post on the subject and what your solution was. Or use answers you received to create a Blog post.

11.Join Groups
Did you know you can connect with others through groups? Join groups your potential clients are members of and request a connection through the group.

12. Use Behance to create a mini portfolio on your profile
If you have a profile through (another social network but for creatives) you can add an application to your profile that will show a mini-portfolio of your work.

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