The Robots of the Week make appearance at the A-Lab Forum

Last month, I was one of five New York based  artists selected to speak at the Crossing Art Gallery in Flushing, NY at the A-Lab Forum’s talk on the topic of Mekanika. Each artist is working with representation of mechanical objects, using mechanisms or technology in their work and/or using technology to create their work.

I submitted the Robot of the Week series as I though they fit the description of the event pretty well. Hector Canonge who organizes the forum sends out an open call for artists to participate. From there he choses 5 artists who each get 10 minutes to present their work. A discussion takes place after words to give the artists and audience a chance to reflect, discuss and debate the topic at hand.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other artists at the forum, as well as getting involved in the arts in my home borough of Queens. Howard Koplowitz of the Flushing division of reported the event with a great article. Take a read to learn more about it.

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