Linen, it’s not just for Summer anymore!

Here’s the latest illo I did for last week’s Wall Street Journal’s “Ask Teri” column. The reader’s question for Teri was whether Spring is too early to wear Linen or not. Since Teri’s advice was that Linen was fine to wear in almost any season, I instantly thought of that old Orange juice ad, “it’s not just for breakfast anymore” All those old ad slogans are just stuck in my sub conscience just waiting to come out!

Mailbag Vector Illustration for Wall Street Journal Yoder and Son Column

My latest work is an  Editorial illustration for the Wall Street Journal Yoder and Son column.

Yoder and Son is a feature in the Sunday Wall Street Journal where Steve Yoder and his teenage son write about money and finances from each of their unique perspectives.

This week’s column is a “mailbag” response to some criticism the duo received over their last column on holiday travel, or the lack thereof.